The MLB draft happens around this time of year, June 5-7, which leads me to reflect on a question I have long wondered… Why are Major League Baseball players referred to as the “Boys of Summer” when this year’s spring training games began at the end of February and the World Series doesn’t start until […]

Tiger Woods. Lance Armstrong. Oscar Pistorius. Every time a well-known athlete brand crashes to the earth in scandal the same headlines appear: “Athlete Endorsements No Longer Viable Marketing Tool.” Is this true? Of course not. Use of personal brands to endorse products is a marketing tradition spanning more than 100 years. It has withstood the […]

Dear Danica, It was many years ago that I met you.  A bright-eyed young driver came to my office with her race team’s manager wondering whether she could make a successful career in INDYCAR. If we’re using dollars and popularity as the gauge, the answer is “YES,” you’ve become very successful.  However, your decisions concerning […]