By now, we know that Miami’s Big Three split up, with LeBron returning his talents to Cleveland, and Bosh and Wade gearing up to ride out their careers into the Miami sunset. At U/SSA, we’ve also been paying particular attention to the Pacers and Lance Stephenson’s decision to take a shorter, smaller contract with Charlotte […]

Futbol players are some of the highest paid athletes in the world. With the second stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup beginning this weekend, soccer stars new and old are making plays for their countries and their pocketbooks. Before the month-long tournament started, the top eight soccer players in the world – according to […]

The Olympics are over, the flame is out at Sochi and the sporting world has resumed its normal schedule. I love the Olympics – well, maybe not the judging in figure skating. But, otherwise I thoroughly enjoy the two weeks that the world watches the elite of the global sporting community come together. I like […]