My friend and client, Ralph Reiff, often reminds his executives not to “confuse an output with an outcome.” Ralph knows that hard work is not enough. To succeed in sports, business or life, one must achieve, not merely show up. In the market of athlete brand building, being busy with appearances, interviews and social media […]

By now, we know that Miami’s Big Three split up, with LeBron returning his talents to Cleveland, and Bosh and Wade gearing up to ride out their careers into the Miami sunset. At U/SSA, we’ve also been paying particular attention to the Pacers and Lance Stephenson’s decision to take a shorter, smaller contract with Charlotte […]

The MLB draft happens around this time of year, June 5-7, which leads me to reflect on a question I have long wondered… Why are Major League Baseball players referred to as the “Boys of Summer” when this year’s spring training games began at the end of February and the World Series doesn’t start until […]