They say the only thing constant, is change.  “They” must have worked in professional sports.  Trades happen casually every day, players are cut, and even coaches are moved around.  These types of changes are inevitable.  So, with all this change whirling around athletes these days, you’d think they would want to keep control over any […]

At the recent LeBron James Skills Academy, camp goers became part of a sensation bigger than they could have ever dreamed. It all started when an unguarded Jordan Crawford, a college student at Xavier University, drove the lane.  The only thing in his way — LeBron James.  But that didn’t stop Crawford, as he exploded […]

So it’s the end of May, June here we come!  That can only mean one thing…NBA Playoffs. I haven’t looked at a clippings report as to how many mentions exactly, but it seems that this year has been flooded with more LeBron/Jordan comparisons than ever before. It’s only natural, I suppose, as King James regularly […]

When U/S Sports Advisors consults with our clients, we preach the gospel on branding: differentiation.  For a brand to last, it must be unique and stand apart from its competition.  Consumers must be able to point to a specific component of the product and say, “That’s why I buy that computer, bottle of water, cell […]