I’m approaching my 30th birthday – terrifying right? – and wrapping up my eighth year in the sports business. I’m living the dream and am blessed to be doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I’ve recently spent some time reflecting on my life and career I came up with 30 […]

It is unquestionable that King James’ return to Cleveland gave the city and its citizens a reason to rock a little harder than usual this NBA season. While the true value of LeBron James’ homecoming is incalculable (current estimates are between $50 and $500 million), the Cleveland Cavaliers have shown the importance of being prepared […]

The Oregon Ducks have long been the bastion of creative, flashy and unique jerseys. It seems their rise to prominence on the field has paralleled their dominance in the alternate uniform game. Having Nike padding their coffers can’t hurt. The more they’d win, the more the jerseys would change from year to year and game […]

I grew up a Tomboy. I spent my summers at the softball diamonds and in the gym. My willingness to consistently be dirty and sweaty, enjoy an uneven farmer’s tan, walk around with scraped knees and use eye black slowly transitioned into an effort to avoid tan lines and a preference for eye shadow. I […]