Internships are viewed differently depending on your place in life. Some employers view them as free labor. Other employers view them as a preview of how their future employees will fit in with their company. Alternatively, some students view them as requirements for their degree while other students view them as an invaluable learning experience. No matter how […]

I wasn’t a sports management major in college. My alma mater didn’t offer it when I was there. There wasn’t a sports leadership major, sports marketing, sports administration or anything else of that ilk. In some areas, your schooling directly relates to your profession, like it does for doctors, lawyers and engineers. Good thing the sports business […]

One of the most significant storylines in sports business today is the ever changing landscape of sports apparel contracts within professional, collegiate and amateur sports. Each of these distinct levels require varying degrees of commitment for the apparel supplier and are agreed upon to achieve different goals. These deals range from thousands to millions and […]

Ted Wells’ DeflateGate investigation report released on Wednesday stated that Tom Brady likely was aware of the deflation of the Patriots’ game balls. So, if the allegations are true, we now have two issues to consider: 1. He purposely broke the rules to gain an advantage over his competitors (cheated), and 2. He misrepresented his […]